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Language Arts

Period 6 AP

AP Course Expectations 08-09        AP due dates   disc. group directions

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4-9 warmup- Morrison-imagery; Collected hot words exercises unit 10 and “To Be” paraphrase.  Watched 3 versions of the scene w/Hamlet and his mother.  Write an analysis of the different director’s interpretations and which you liked the best and why.  Read act 4 scenes 1-4.    Homework: do passages 5, 6, & 7 of Hamlet multiple choice.  Also finish analysis of scences and do context sentences for unit 10. Be ready to debate on Monday.

4-7 warmup detail- Auden;  Hot words unit 10 exercises due Thursday.  Collected outline redo’s. Read ACt 3 of Hamlet; Paraphrase of “TO BE” speech due Thursday.  Will do passages 5 & 6 in class. Debates start Thursday.  Rough draft due 4-17 final research paper due 4-30.

3-25 Warmup Lord Jim.  Imagery.  Discussed outline and works cited format. Redo outlines and correct mistakes.  Hot Words test units 8 & 9.  Read Hamlet and finished Act 2.  Do passage 4 for homework.

3-23 Warmup imagery Helen Keller.  Collected context sentences, working outlines and works cited pages.  Wrote inclass synthesis essay.  Read & discussed Hamlet through Act 2 sc 2 enter Polonius and Hamlet p. 93 l 183.Homework:  Hot words test over lesson 8 & 9 wed.

3-19 went to library.  Discussed outline for question 1 and collected.  Worked on Hamlet- discussed pas 3 and finished act 1. Read act 2 sc 1 for homework
Homework: context sentences for less 9; working ouline and Bibliography

3-17 went to library.  Working Outline and works cited pages due Monday.  Hot words less 9 exercises due Thursday.  Outline of question 1 due thursday.

3-11 Went over Hamlet pas 2 pass 3 assigned for next class.  Also read and annotate from Act 1, sc 3,  L119 to A1,S5. L100.   Collected pass 3 corrections, passage 4 corrections due next class.

  3-9 did act info packet.

3-5 discussed ap question #1 responses.  Collected passage one corrections. Do passage 2 corrections for Tues.

3-3 warmup Mrs. Venable collected warmup notebooks.  Discussed act reading test, discused passage 1Hamlet and assigned passage 2.  Also correct mc passage 1 from AP test.

2-27 warmup Frankenstein. Notebooks due Tues. collected context sentences lesson 8.  Took ACT Reading test. Started Hamlet- read most of act sc 1, finish sc 1 for homework and do passage 1 MC for next class.

2-25 Warmup Detail (Bless Me, Ultima”) corrected and collected hot words 8, Do context sentences for next class.  Also pick up warm up notebooks on Tuesday.  Discussed summary packet answers,  discussed “Brain Worms” MC.  Did punctuation review.

 2-23 Warmup Hardy. Went over passage 4 MC.  Discuss summarizing packet do S5 1-4.Homework:  S5 1-4, lesson 8 exercises, Brainworms MC

2-19 Warmup Imagery.  Took Hot words test over 6 & 7.  Went over mc passages 2-3.  Discussed quotation packet and collected.homework:  Do Summary packet read do 1-4 for S-3 and 1-3 for S-4.

2-17 Warmup “Dulcify” diciton.  Went over MLK Birmngham Jail Letter.  Collected context sentences.  Discussed paraphrase packet. Handed out quote packet. Discussed passage 1 of MC test.
Homework: test over hot words 6 & 7.   Do quotation packet for class.

2-12 warmup Boswell(diction) worked on analysis of MLK Birmingham jail.  corrected and collected hot words lesson 7 exercises.Homework:  context sentences for HW lesson 7.  Analysis of at least 1/2 MLK letter needs to be complete.

2-4 Went to library.  Read “Case Against” essays in class and collected.Homework:  research proposal due 2-10.

2-2 Warmup Rockwell painting.  Went over Plagiariam packet, handed out paraphrase packet for homework.  Went to library for research.  Thurber paper due wed.  collected context sentences.Homework: finish packet for paraphrase.

1-29 warm up (Rich) corrected and collected hot words les 6 do context sentences for Monday.  Read Thurber’s “Case Against Women” due wed Feb 4th( 1 1/2 to 2 pages double spaced).  Started working on plagarism packet.  Went to library to start research.

1-27 warmup Churchhill.  Discussed Eugenics article.  Discussed MLK speech and collected.  Discussed research paper project.  Annotated Lord Chesterfield essay with class.homework:  Do lesson 6 Hot Words exercises. Read research packet and be able to discuss.

1-23 warmup (Salesman) Collected warmup notebooks,  Collected Hot words review pp. 28-30.  Did in-class essay “Lord Chesterfield.”  Read Eugenics article finish for homework.

1-21 warmup detail (Tuba) Listened to MLK speech and annotated.  Finish questions as homework.  Collected controversial articles in class.Homework:  Do review exercises in Hot Words pp. 28-30.  I will collect warmup notebooks on Friday.  Finish “I Have a Dream” annotation and questions.

1-16 warmup- detail .  Discussed Mencken and Kroll essays. controversial article assignment due next class.

1-14  Warnup (Imagery-”Wasteland”) Finished reading Argument in Bedford and Mencken and Kroll essays.  Will discuss in class and work on Kroll and Mencken questions in groups on Friday.Homework: Find a controversial article. annotate, write a precis a thesis for each side and points as per assignment sheet. Due Wednesday 1-21.

1-12 Warmup imagery(Hogan) collected redo essay, corrected and collected hot words unit 5, did muliple choice exercise “Sunshine Patriot” in class.  Started reading and annotating argument pp. 453-469 in Bedford Reader.  Most got to 461 in class.  will finish on Wed.Homework:  ”Modest Proposal” essay due Wed.  Context sentences for lesson 5 due wed.

1-08  Did Woolfe syntax for warmup.  Discussed question 3 of practice test.  Went over “Another Modest Proposal”  satiric techniques.  assigned hot words and rewrite, modest proposat essay due wedHomework:  Hot words unit 5 due Monday,  Redo of essay questions due Monday.  Another Modest proposal essay due wed..

12-18  Went over passage 3 & 4 from practice test.  Presented tone letters and wrote 3 notes with different levels of diction.Have a great Break!

12-16 Warmup (Syntax) Went over passage 2 from practice test, Discussed “Vivoleum” and did paired tone Dear John letters. Homework:  do passage 3 & 4 from practice test.

12-12  Warmup (Joyce) collected BNW paper and outside novel review.  Went over passage 1 corrections assigned passage two corrections for next class.  Discussed “Modest Proposal”  and handed out “Vivoleum” to read. Homework:  read, annotate “Vivoleum” and find satiric techniques.

12-10  Edited BNW paper.  Handed out mc assignment. Homework: bnw paper due Fri.  Passage 1 from practice test due, Novel review due Friday.

12-8 Warmup (Arnold) Went over precis for Parisan skies.  Did precis for “Who Cares if Johnny can’t read.”  Worked on “Modest Proposal” questions in groups.Homework:  BNW paper due Wed. Novel Review due Friday.

12-4 Warmup Poe, did BNW “SO What.” did Dave Barry precis practice.  Started Partisan skies.Homework:  Finish precis for “Partisan Skies.” BNW paper due 12-10, novel review due 12-12, practice test 12-6.

12-2  Corrected and collected BNW multiple choice questions.  Took BNW test and started discussion.Homework:  have a thesis statement for next class.  BNW paper due 12-10, novel review due 12-12, practice test 12-6.

11-25  collected 1984 papers.  Presented 1984 passages. Homework:  BNW discussion, test, and multiple choice 12-2.  BNW paper due 12-10 Novel review due 12-12.  First practice AP test 12-6

11-21  WArmup (tone- bombeck)  peer edited 1984 papers.  continued with  1984 MC passages.Homework: final copy of 1984 paper due Tues. 11-25

11-19 Warmup- Orbiting.  Presented Toulim argument with ed cartoons. Corrected 1984 MC and got into groups to discuss pasages and prepare to present.Homework:  Rough draft of 1984 paper due Friday Final copy due 11-24.

11-17 Warmup (Cooper) discussed 3-tierd analysis of 1984 essay.  Collected context sentences.  analyzed Macintosh commercial.  Started Toulmin argument.Homework:  1984 paper due fri to edit. Find a editorial cartoon and do toulin argument for it.  Read “Modest Proposal p. 914-921 and find satiric technigues.

11-13  Warmup diction (thud)  collected doublethink essay.  worked on passive and active voice.  analyzed a 1984 essay.  collected 1984 “so What” paper.Homework: context sentences due 11-17.

11-11 Warmup (syntax-mice and men) Corrected and collected Hot words 4.  Read “Stone boy” and did “So What” analysis sheet.Homework: complete “So What” for 1984 theme. Doublethink essay due.  11-13. context sentences for Hot words 4 due 11-17

11-7 Warmup (syntax- Cisneros) Discussed 1984.homework:  Do lesson 4 in hot words for Tuesday and doublethink essay for thursday.  Bring a thesis statement to class based on a theme from 1984

11-5 Went over puntuation for “Justice”.  Took 1984 test.  Talked about doublespeak awards.

11-3  warmup (syntax-Lawrence)  Discussed War prayer and tone worksheets.  Discussed syntax with “The Truth” and “Gettysburg Address”.  Handed out “Justice” started punctuation.Homework:  punctuate “Justice” for class.  Be ready to discuss, test, and hand in multiple choice questions for 1984.  Start reading BNW and finish online discussion of 1984.

10-23 Discussed Stravinsky essay and peer graded.  Went over Thoreau MC questionsHomework:  join discussion online and be ready for 1984 discussion and multiple choice questions:  Test over 1984

10-21  Stravinsky in class essay.  finish mc for Franklin passage.  Started work on tone, Twain and Thoreau.Homework:  Finish Tone, Twain, and Thoreau passages.

10-17  Collected warmup notebooks after Plath warmup.  Finished discussing “Top of the Food Chain”  and tone definitions.  Read Franklin satire: mark satiric techniques and write 4  multiple choice questions in groups.Homework:  all simpson and pres. debate assignments due by Tuesday.

10-15 Collected context sentences.  Tone warmup(MalcolmX); Discussed tone packet.Started “Top of the food chain”Homework: define 5 more tone words.  If not finished mark satiric techniques for “Food Chain.”  Warmup notebook due Friday.

10-13  Discussed Dave Barry “Real War Heroes,”  Corrected and collected les 3 Hot words, discussed 5 tone word definitions. Did tone warmup.Homework:  Finish tone passages and “Top of the Food Chain” for Wed.  Do context sentences for hot words lesson 3, Warmup notebooks due Friday.

10-09  Did warmup (Hurston)  Discussed syntax assignments 2 & 3.  Collected Simpson and election assignments.  discussed Onion satire pieces for techniques.  Did Bush and Gun satires in class and discussed techniques. Homework:  Look up definitions for 5 tone words.  Do lesson 3 exercises in Hot Words.  Read and annotate Dave Barry Pork barrel satire for technigues.

10-07  Did “Belly” warmup.  corrected SAT.  Discussed Twain “Advice to Youth”.  Handed out Simpson assignment and discussed VP debate,  Did syntax worksheet #2.Homework:  Finish syntax assignments 2 & 3.  Annotate 2 Onion articles for satire technigues.

10-01  Finished taking the practice SAT.  Handed out Twain piece.  Handed out due date sheet for rest of year. Homework:  finish Twain piece

09-29  Took part one and two of practice SAT test.  Collected “In Cold Blood.”  Started satire.  Read Dave Barry piece and analyze for satiric technigues. homework:  Finish Dave Barry piece.  Watch an episode of the Simpson’s and analyze for satiric technigues.

09-25  Did syntax warmup.  Discussed “Daddy” pathos.  Demo. “Death of a Soldier”  Do “In Cold Blood” for homework.Homework:  Annotate according to prompt for “In Cold Blood”  and do thesis and prewriting for prompt.( you do not have to write the essay)

09-23  Did warmup BNW and SAT question. Corrected and collected Hot words unit 2.  Wrote synthesis essay prompt.Homework:  Write sentences using words from Hot words lesson 2.  Do Plath poem “Daddy” for pathos.

09-19  Looked at political cartoon and analyzed.  Discussed periodic sentences and collected.  Talked about cummulative sentences.  Discussed rest of chapt 3 in Lang. of comp and collected questions.Homework:  write two cummulative sentences and do lesson 2 in Hot Words.

09-17  Warmup: diction.  Did sentencing combing and discussed periodic sentences.  Do two for homework.  Started discussing pp. 61-66.  Will finish on Friday.Homework:  Do two periodic sentences and read and be ready to discuss pp. 69-85 for Friday. Remember to discuss 1984 online and do multiple choice questions for Nov. 5th.  Also listen and critque one presidential debate do VP debate for extra credit.

09-15   Discussed parallelism sheet.  Presented Obama and McCain speeches. Homework:  Read pp. 61-68 in Language of Composition and do questions on 68.  Be ready to discuss chapter.

09-11  Discussed detail warmup and SAT questtion.  Discussed Kennedy speech.  Split into groups to analyze Obama and McCain speeches.  Handout on parallel stuctures.Homework: finish analyzing speech and do parallelism worksheets.

09-09   Warmup :detail.  Corrected and collected lesson 1 vocab.  handout on syntax.  Read Kennedy Inagural Address and annotate.  Compare to text.  pp. 51-57.  Write a thesis for essay prompt on P. 57Homework:  Write sentences for vocab words which displays context for the word.

09-05  Went over “The Rattler”  made and presented term posters.  Checked out 1984 and Hot Words.Homework:  Do lesson 1 in hot words. Start reading 1984 discuss online and do multiple choice questions.  Book and mc questions due 11-5

09-03  Went over listening to sound files for in class essays and handed out essays.  Make folders for class.  Presented ads to class and started to talk about “Rattler” essay.Homework: Listen to sound files and come up with two tones for “The Rattler” and underline words in the essay that fit each tone.

08-29  Did synthesis essay in class for ads in schools.  Started presenting adsHomework:  apply ad terms to your ad and do “Rattler” essay for homework.

08-27   Warmup using Atwood piece “No more Photos”  Class wrote their own “No More” paragraph.  Collected that, reflection of “Santa Anna” and “SSM” notes and questions from chapters 11,18.  Discussed scenes in class. Homework:  Read pp. 48-51 and have ad to present to class on Friday.

08-25    Discussed annotation of “Santa Anna Winds” essay.   Finished watching “Super Size Me.”Homework: Read chapter 2 in lofC pp. 35-48 stop before assignment on 48.  Compare your annotation to what was in chapt.  and write a reflection about what you need to improve or change.

08-21-08  Took Sat assessment.  Watched “Super Size Me” took notes for appeals for ethos, pathos, logos, and subject, purpose, audience.

08-19-08  Did warm up diction and sat question.  Discussed and collected homework (princess Di).  Did political cartoons in groups and presented.  Started annotating “Santa Anna Wind” essayHomework:  finish annotating “Wind” essay.

08-15-08  Finished group questions for FFN and ND.  Finished checking annotations.  Started discussing homework reading (need to finish discusion starting with c/c for Tuesday.  Will do political cartoon analysis Tuesday.Homework. Do assignment page 28-34 in LofC book on Princess Dianna for Tuesday.

08-13  warm-up sat question and diction #1Discussed Einstein letter homework and collectedworked on questions for FFN and ND in groups.  Checked annotations from books.Homework:  read pp. 10-15 in LofC and be ready to discuss.  Bring Political cartoon to class.

Today 08-11  Handed in letter of introduction and course expectations signatures.Discussed first 9 pages of Language of Compostion.  Discussed FFN.Homework: Analyze Einstein’s letter p. 9 in LoC for Wed