Technology Goddess

Shannon Wentworth, Instructional Technology Teacher, Sixth Avenue Elementary School

New Year - New Purpose

I am sitting in a session at the CO TIE/ISTE Leadership Bootcamp that have given me a great idea for how to repurpose my APS blog.  This will become my new Tech Support site for my staff.  I will post technology tips and tricks, how-to sheets and posters, and more.

April = Earth Day and Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and April 22nd is Earth Day.  In honor of those special events, you will be writing an Earth friendly acrostic poem. 

Watch the video on the History of Earth Day.  (You will do this as a class.)  Next go to to learn how to write an acrostic poem.  Finally, write an acrostic poem about the Earth or Earth Day or the Environment or some other related topic. 

Use the website above to help you create your poem, but them publish it here.  Retype your poem in the Comments section below.  Don’t forget to put your name and room number.